About our company

Slobozhansky soap-boiler is a company, which has started using up-to-date technologies since 1999. It produces and sells on the markets of Ukraine and the CIS countries the following products: bar soap, cosmetic and baby soap, as well as soap with special dermatological properties (cream soap), glycerin translucent soap, liquid beauty soap, laundry bar and liquid soap, washing powder and dishwashing detergents. In order to meet every customer’s demands, we offer a wide product range, from the lowest to the highest price category. The Company’s products are well-known under such trademarks as “Shik,” “Sedmoye Nebo,” “Uti-Puti,” “Droug,” “POSHE,” “ODA,” “Sila” – over 200 items in total.
In Ukraine, Slobozhansky soap-boiler, Ltd. cooperates with thirty-two distribution companies that operate throughout the whole country and monthly supports over 15000 points of sale. The company provides direct supply to national and international trade chains on the territory of Ukraine: “ATB”, “SILPO”, “FOZZY”, “BILLA”, “METRO”, “VELYKA KYSHENIA”, “EVA”, “PROSTOR”, “KOSMO”, “WATSONS”, “VARUS”, “BRUSNICHKA”, and “VOPAK”. The company is the winner of tenders for Ukrainian railways, Ukrainian State Mail Service, nuclear power plants and other state enterprises.
The products made by Slobozhansky soap-boiler, Ltd. is available in all the regions of Ukraine; they are present on the market of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Russia. Our products sell in such countries of EU as Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Greece, and France. Considering positive feedbacks from our customers, Slobozhansky soap-boiler, Ltd. regularly extends its sales area and improves the quality of the services provided to our partners.
 The company regularly participates in regional, national and international exhibitions and contests, where it is awarded with diplomas and medals. For instance, participating in Bytchim-Expo international exhibitions in 2003-2009, the products of Slobozhansky soap-boiler Ltd. won Grand Prix, as well as gold, silver and bronze medals for quality, novelty, and originality of packaging. Since 2006, products by Slobozhansky soap-boiler, Ltd. has been winning the regional quality contest called “The best product of Kharkiv region” in the category of “Manufactured goods for the public.”
Quality and safety of finished products made by Slobozhansky soap-boiler, Ltd. are confirmed by the certificate of sanitary and epidemiological expertise of Ministry of Health of Ukraine and certificates of UkrSEPRO, as well as declaration of conformity to technical regulation of the Customs Union. Since 2007, Slobozhansky soap-boiler has international certificate ISO 9001 issued by the international body “Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine”.

     In 2015, according to the results of recertification audits, the company received the certificate of conformity to new version of international standard 9001:2015. This accreditation is recognized in 100 countries of the world. The company also uses the system of risk analysis Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points in terms of BRC Global Standard.
The company's products, namely, bar soap, have passed the notification procedure for sales in EEC countries according to the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 dd. 30.11.2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council in relation to cosmetic products.
Today, Slobozhansky soap-boiler Ltd. integrates:
•    Wide product range in various price segments;
•    High quality confirmed by International certificate ISO 9001:2015;
•    Creative bureau to design new products;
•    Research laboratory to develop and implement new products;
•    Widespread distribution network in Ukraine and the CIS countries;
•    Private label development and production
Wide range of our products is manufactured using up-to-date technologies and modern equipment from Sweden, Italy, and Germany.
Skilled and professional personnel are the guarantee of the company's solidity and success. The professionals working at our company are constant participants of international conferences, as well as seminars organized by the leading raw materials suppliers. All the perfume compositions used for our soap production are supplied by reputable French, Swiss, British, German, Dutch and Spanish companies, namely, “Givaudan”, “Firmenich”, “Fragrance Oils”, “Frey&Lau”, “IFF”, “Mane”, “Symrise”, “Takasago”, and “Iberchem”.
Most of our soap kinds contain natural oils and extracts, as well as other components that soften and nourish your skin.
The laboratory of Slobozhansky soap-boiler, Ltd. consists of two departments: production laboratory and research laboratory. The research department controls the quality of finished products, develops innovative formulas, and provides products certification in various fields for their promotion on the market. The department is equipped with modern laboratory equipment: spectrophotometer, chromatograph, refractometer, tintometer supplied by leading manufacturers, namely, Shimadzu, Mettler Tolledo, Lovibond, Axis. The production line laboratory controls products manufacturing process at every single step, from the incoming raw materials to finished products, and it hourly monitors each stage of production process. The research and production laboratory is certified for technical competence in terms of attestation; certificate No. 100-150/2015 dd. 09.06.2015.
The creation of a new product begins with the comprehensive analysis of the market. All the departments of the company take part in a new product development; its value is determined by the complex and integrity of its design, essence, application performance, quality and concept of the product. For a modern customer, not only should the product have an attractive design and packaging, but it also should provide a perceptible effect. The quality of products made by Slobozhansky soap-boiler, Ltd is ensured by high-grade raw materials and up-to-date technologies used.
During a financial recession period, not only maintained the company its production volume, but it also launched two new product lines in the category of ‘dishwashing detergents’ and ‘washing powder.’ In 2016, the company started producing shower gels, shampoos, liquid laundry detergents, and well as new lines of household and cosmetic products. In order to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations, Slobozhansky soap-boiler is permanently in the process of technological development, including the development of innovative formulas, shapes and kinds of soap. High quality at affordable price is the key of our successful performance.
Slobozhansky soap-boiler, Ltd. produces refined glycerin of European quality (than 99.5% min), according to State Standard 6824-96. Quality control is provided in terms of European Pharmacopeia 7.0 and effective State Standard 6824-96. Our partners are Kharkiv Biscuit Factory, “VKG” LLC, “Lesnaya Skazka” LLC, “Allhim” LLC, “Prosper” LLC, “Fitodoctor” LLC, “Pirana”, Charlie private company, Acrilat Group, “Novohim” LLC, Chistaya Planeta (Clean Planet) LLC, Company SV LLC, and others.

One of the key activities of the company is Private Label production of bar and liquid soap and detergents. In Private Label category, Slobozhansky soap-boiler, Ltd. manufactures products for the biggest supermarket chains of Ukraine and neighboring countries. We have been esteemed by such distribution chains as “ATB,” “METRO,” “KARAVAN,” “SILPO,” “ECO-MARKET,” “EVA,” “VARUS,” “BRUSNICHKA,” “KOSMO,” “WATSONS”, “PROSTOR,” “AUCHAN,” “VELYKA KYSHENIA,” TAVRIA-V,” “FURSHET,” “ROST,” “MAGNIT,” “LENTA,” “MONETKA,” and “L’ETOILE.” Our company is involved in the process of our partners’ new products development, providing professional assistance in Private Label production. The company has all necessary facilities needed for production of high quality soap ordered by companies and large distribution networks interested in private label product differentiation.  Due to direct supplies, our clients have the opportunity to control quality, production process, and logistics.
For the whole period of its performance on the market, the company has gained customer loyalty and esteem. In terms of sales volume, Slobozhansky soap-boiler is the constant leader among soap manufacturers in Ukraine; “SHIK” trademark is in TOP 3 Ukrainian brands for many years.
Unchangeable high quality during 18-year-period make customers buy our products repeatedly. The company’s mission is to manufacture products of European quality at affordable price.