“CHIC” 1+1 Beauty Bar Soap multi-pack, 4 х 90 g

“CHIC” 1+1

The beautiful soap is made, using a special technology that allows combining stripes of different colors.With its complex of moistening and nourishing ingredients, “CHIC” 1+1 beauty (soap + cream) effectively and gently cleanses, softens and tones up your skin, preventing dry skin problems. Rich foam, which can be easily washed off, makes skin fresh, tender, and soft.

Nominal weight: 360g
Type of packaging: polypropylene film
Quantity in a carton: 20 packs (360 g х 20 packs = 7,2 kg)

“CHIC 1+1” Beauty collection

“CHIC 1+1”
White Tea and Mint + nourishing cream

White tea extract provides rejuvenating effect; in combination with cream, it makes your skin especially elastic and resilient.

“CHIC 1+1”
Sea Minerals + nourishing cream

Sea salt, in combination with laminaria seaweed, makes a real sea bath, which nourishes your skin with sea minerals, microelements and vitamins, improveming microcirculation.

“CHIC 1+1”
Persian Melon + nourishing cream

Wheat germ extract, included in the soap formula, is an effective rejuvenating agent, which nourishes and tones up hand and face skin of any type. Vitamin E, contained in wheat germ extract, protects skin from harmful environmental influence.

“CHIC 1+1”
Spanish Nectarine + nourishing cream

Peach kernel oil improves skin metabolic functions, providing anti-aging, moistening and nourishing effect, making your skin look beautiful and healthy.