Oda bar soap range is an adequate balance of quality and affordable price! Selected fragrances are well matched with names of soap and plant extracts used. The soap is made of natural components of vegetable origin and provides delicate care to sensitive skin. It gently cleanses your skin, making it soft. Rich foam, which is easy to wash off, makes you feel fresh and clean.

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Peculiarities of Products Made by Slobozhansky Soap Boiler

Quality of “CHIC” toilet soap is confirmed by UkrSEPRO (Ukraine) and RST (Russia).

The main benefit of “CHIC” soap is a complex of vegetable components included in its formulation.

The soap base includes sodium salts of fatty acids of palm and coconut oils, providing delicate cleansing and rich cream foam.

The assortment of soap, made by Slobozhansky Soap Boiler under “CHIC” trademark Ltd, is the biggest range of toilet soap in Ukraine. “Chic” soap is a modern product for face and body care. At many exhibitions, experts of foreign companies have noted high quality of “CHIC” soap in terms of color, form, perfume, structure, and foaming.