laboratory of Slobozhansky Soap Boiler

The laboratory of Slobozhansky Soap Boiler, Ltd. consists of two departments: Research & Development Laboratory and Production Line Laboratory.
The laboratory staff consists of highly skilled specialists. R&D laboratory provides finished products quality management, innovative formulations development and certification of products in various fields for their effective positioning on the market. Production Line Laboratory provides systematic production control, from input raw materials to finished products, controlling each step of production process on an hourly basis.
The laboratory is equipped with modern laboratory devices (spectrophotometer, chromatograph, refractometer, tintometer etc.) of leading manufacturers, such as Shimadzu, Mettler Tolledo, Lovibond, and Axis. The laboratory is certified to carry out measurements under metrological supervision in accordance with appropriate certification area.
Laboratory Certificate No. 100-150/2015 dd. July 09, 2015.