Історія компанії

The History of Slobozhansky Soap Boiler, Ltd.

Slobozhansky soap-boiler Ltd. company was founded on September 9, 1999.    
Slobozhansky soap-boiler  Ltd. is a modern dynamic and growth-oriented company, which implements new technologies. It produces and sells on the markets of Ukraine and the CIS countries the following products: toilet soap, cosmetic and baby soap, as well as soap with special dermatological properties (cream soap), glycerin translucent soap, liquid beauty soap, laundry soap, and other detergents. In order to meet every customer’s demands, we offer a wide product range, from the lowest to the highest price category. The Company’s products are well-known under such trademarks as Shik, Sedmoye Nebo, Uti-Puti, Friends, Poshe, Oda, Sila – over 200 items in total.    
During its performance on the market (since 1999), the company has gained cutomers’ loyalty and esteem. In terms of sales volume, we are the constant leader among soap manufacturers in Ukraine. According to the public statitstics data, prepared by AC Nielsen international analytic agency, based on the results of 2014, "Shik" trademark has won the first position among TOP 3 brands in Ukraine; this confirms our leadership in the market share among all Ukrainian brands of toilet soap. The product range is constantly growing, and now, the Company introduces new liquid soaps and detergents.    
High quality and affordable price are the basic terms of our products success. The History of Slobozhansky Soap Boiler, Ltd. Slobozhansky Soap Boiler has started production on September 9, 1999 in village Podvorki, Dergachi district, Kharkiv region.

Due to lack of money and funding sources, the company was built on the base of inactive chemical warehouses with undeveloped infrastructure, used by “Weber & Sealander” old German production line.
Soap noddles (sodium salts of fatty acids) from Malaysia and Indonesia were the main raw material used for soap production. The only production line manufactured only four kinds of toilet soap of one type in paper wrapping. The basic approach has been the following: “The highest quality for competitive price”. The motto remains unchanged and is still effective.
With no investments and privileges (in contrast with many other enterprises with special investment mode), the company had to buy used equipment all over the world.

In Europe, we bought Swedish experimental continuous saponification plant with contemporary Alfa Laval equipment. When the dismantled plant was delivered, its assembly was carried out by highly skilled engineers and mechanical technicians who used to work at military plants in Kharkiv.

Mutual efforts resulted in the assembly and start-up of the unique soap-boiling complex, consisting of:
continuous saponification section;
semi-finished product feeding and storage sections;
5 soap finishing lines;
modern packaging line and finished products transportation system.

Nowadays, we have our own production of soap base for cosmetic, toilet, glycerin and laundry soap with the guaranteed quality compliant with EU standards and confirmed by the Certification Authorities of UkrSEPRO (Ukraine), EvrAzES (Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus). Currently, we produce soap on five soap-finishing lines, and our product portfolio includes over 200 products under patented trademarks "Shik", “Uti-Puti”, “Sedmoye nebo”, “POSHE”, “ODA”, “DROUG”, “SILA”.

Our company has been certified by ISO 9001: 2008, and our production and scientific laboratory is certified by UkrSEPRO system. Our company cooperates with 63 countries worldwide. We are proud of our own accomplishments in energy saving, process cooling and process air solutions. The construction of the congeneration unit is at the development stage. One of our production activities is manufacture of distillated pharmacopean glycerin. Shortly, we plan the start-up of a deodoration plant and a liquid detergents plant. We are also planning production of powder detergents and creams.

Private label manufacture is one of the company's activities. We produce soap under private label for variety of companies and major distributors. We successfully cooperate with international distribution networks and big national companies. Slobozhansky Soap Boiler, Ltd is a member of All-Ukrainian Association of Soaps and Detergents Manufacturers. Our team has proven that it is possible to start a European level company in Ukraine just from scratch (on the ruins of abandoned warehouses) and without a huge bank account.

Best regards,
Oleksandr Politukha