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“Uti-Puti” Baby Laundry Powder

Uti-Puti all-purpose baby laundry powder can be used for all types of fabrics in the temperature range from 30°С to 90°С.

The epitome of masculinity and sophisticated taste is the MEN gel shampoo. Now showering is not a routine, but a great pleasure.

CHIC NECTAR cream soap perfectly cleanses your skin in a delicate way. The soap has a gentle cream- like composition, skin- friendly pH (5.5) and rich soft foam.

Shower gel Chic Nectar

The development of new products - shower gels of TM "ShIK" became a logical continuation of the development of TM "ShIK" - the leader in the market of solid soap in Ukraine!


Мило гліцеринове транспорантне "POSHE" перламутрове - серія продуктів оригінальної форми з яскравим ароматом, в яскравій упаковці.


Мыло глицериновое POSHE перламутровое — новая серия продуктов оригинальной формы с ярким ароматом, в красочной оригинальной упаковке. Нежно и сбалансировано очищает, смягчает и увлажняет кожу.

POSHE Glycerin Pearl Bar Soap

“POSHE” glycerin pearl soap is a new product of original shape and impressive fragrance, packed in a bright, smart-looking box. It delicately cleanses, softens and moistens your skin.


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