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Shik "Baby & Mommy" 3 in 1 tender and safe

The product is developed for delicate baby skin specially for babies from О +
Good for breastfeeding mothers.
Safe for pregnant women.

Shik Kids baby liquid soap

Shik ‘Kids’ protection and care.
The product is specially developed for children 3+.
Good enough the entire family’s daily use.

Shik NECTAR cream soap perfectly cleanses your skin in a delicate way. The soap has a gentle cream- like composition, skin- friendly pH (5.5) and rich soft foam.

"Shik"  Tar Bar Soap, 140g

Birch tar has been known for its curative purposes for a long time. The soap, containing birch tar, has fungicidal, antimicrobial and skin- regenerating properties.

Shik Tar liquid soap

. Birch tar is well known for its medicinal properties. Birch tar soap has antifungal, antimicrobial and regenerating properties.

Мыло туалетное жидкое ШИК Дегтярное

Березовый деготь с давних времен известен своими целебными свойствами.

Березовий дьоготь з давніх часів відомий своїми цілющими властивостями.


Мило гліцеринове транспорантне "POSHE" перламутрове - серія продуктів оригінальної форми з яскравим ароматом, в яскравій упаковці.


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