Our achievements

Trading and manufacturing company Clean & Beauty Company has been operating in the cosmetics and household chemicals market since 1999, providing millions of consumers with quality products at affordable prices. For almost 22 years of successful activity, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable manufacturer, supplier and socially active business.
The company is number 1 in Ukraine for the production of solid and liquid soaps, and is also one of the three leaders in the production of household liquid detergents.

more than
years of experience
time-tested quality

About 500 demanded commodity items, made according to modern recipes in high-tech production with its own laboratory.
The company's product matrix is ​​represented by such popular brands as Friends, Shik, Uti-Puti, Sila, Poshe, L`Ode, Purfy, Bianca, Happy Life.

Innovative developments and own modern research laboratory
Modern quality control system in accordance with the international standard ISO9001. High marks from international audits
The company participates in a large number of charitable projects. He is the initiator of many volunteer initiatives
Production of products on the basis of Onufrievskaya water "Berminvoda". Use of secondary raw materials

Beauty care

Every person's desire to look good is the priority of our time. The laboratory of our company works responsibly on new products formulations, striving to provide maximum products for body, face and hair care.


Hygienic basic care

Basic hygiene will definitely involve bar and liquid soap. The soaps of our brands provide high quality basic skin care: cleansing with no dryness of exfoliating. Our soaps are in both solid and liquid form, which allows anyone to choose a product which suits most.


Auto & car care

Car care products are various products for automobiles, used for cleaning, wash and protection of different parts of a car, as well as for hands after car repair works (hand cleaner). This range pf products also includes products for air aromatization, window cleaners and polishing products.


Home care

It is enjoyable to do the housework quickly and effectively. Our brands will help to solve the most complicated problems of cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms, as well as washing your clothes.


Products for children

For us, children is the highest value, and they need a special care. A wide range of products for children is presented by Shik and UTI-PUTI brands. Products for children include gentle components, ensuring less aggressive impact. Shampoos, creams, baby wash, bar and liquid soap that are made for children, contain less perfume, mostly free of dyes and do not penetrate into the depth of epidermis.

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