Baby soap "Shik", 70g

Дитяче мило ШИК

Soap of the baby series contains extracts of such medicinal plants as calendula, Spanish needles, and chamomile; positive effects of these plants have been known for a long time. Due to its antiseptic properties, calendula is good for baby skin care; chamomile provides anti-inflammatory effect, while Spanish needles facilitates skin renewal

Nominal weight: 70g
Packaging: individual paper wrapping
Q-ty per box: 72 pcs. (70 g х 72 pcs. = 5,04 kgs net weight) 72 pcs (70 g х 6 pcs х 12 pack. = 5,04 kgs net weight)

Collection of Baby soap "Shik", 70g

Baby soap
With Spanish needles extrac
With calendula extract
With chamomile extract